We are a meme token that has been built on the foundations of the $Marmite Capital investment group. We are a group of avid crypto investors that wanted to create a token to represent ourselves and every person that joins our group. This was the first stage of our journey but we plan on becoming so much more, as we look to develop our token and offer value to our holders. We are here to have fun but we also Meme Business! Watch this Space!


  • Locked Wallet40.3
  • Marketing Wallet14.7
  • Circulating Supply (inclusive of 8.9bn rain wallet)45

Locked Wallet

40.3bn $MARMITE locked until 01/01/2023.

Decision on re-locking to be announced in early December.

UPDATE: Rebrand to take place Feb 2023. Further announcements on locking to be made afterwards.

Marketing Wallet

14.7bn $MARMITE Marketing wallet.

Wallet Address:


Circulating SupplY

45bn $MARMITE circulating supply.

Inclusive of Rain Wallet Address:



PHASE-1 2022

PHASE-2 2023

PHASE-3 2024


$MARMITE is currently available on Rocketswap DEX Exchange, also please see our one pager which will give full details on a step by step process

Currently we have split liquidity between a large amount of investors. The largest LP holder is less than 30% so a rug pull is impossible. We encourage all investors to give a helping hand and grow the liquidity to facilitate larger buyers and increase the amount of people holding the pool making it harder for liquidity to be removed by a small amount of people.

This is something we will look into when becomes available on the Lamden platform

Get those umbrellas ready because here at $MARMITE we look to give back to our community and constantly airdrop tokens in the telegram chat. Come check us out and contribute to a buzzing community to see regular tips and rain dropped to say thank you from the team!

Due to our split LP and future locked liquidity options it is impossible to rug! We are dedicated to growing this project for the long term and will continue to advise of updates as we move through the phases. We are one community and Marmates stick together!!

Our community is tight knit and all people involved are our Marmates! Lets goooooo Moon time babbbyyyy!


Below shows the best way to join the $MARMITE community and get the heralded title of a Marmate, Lets goooooo